National Alliance on Mental Illness California: Yes on Prop 2

Sacramento – The National Alliance on Mental Illness California – NAMI California – has announced its support for Proposition 2, the No Place Like Home measure on the statewide November ballot that will get people experiencing homelessness and suffering from serious mental illness off the streets and into care by building permanent supportive housing linked to intensive treatment and services.

NAMI California is a leading grassroots organization of families and individuals whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness. Together with a robust network of affiliates across the state, its members advocate for policies and legislation that allow people living with a mental illness to recover and thrive, free from discrimination and stigma.

"Housing for those who live with a serious mental illness is one of NAMI California’s top priorities. We believe that housing should be immediately available to sustain treatment, resiliency, recovery and community for people living with mental illnesses.We believe in the principle of recovery and that all mental health and related services and supports should be provided with the goal of helping individuals achieve recovery and resiliency in their lives." said Jessica Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of NAMI California.

Mrs. Cruz went on to say, "We believe that any and all services designed to serve individuals with mental illness and their families must be implemented with robust and meaningful involvement of those you are intending to serve. NAMI California and our members across the state stand ready to make this program a success"

NAMI California joins a broad coalition of community and homeless advocates, doctors, mental health experts, public safety officers and many others who are committed to passing Prop 2. The measure authorizes $2 billion in bond sales to finance permanent supportive housing for Californians living with a serious mental illness who are homeless or at great risk of becoming homeless. This will be done without raising taxes, by leveraging a small percentage of existing state funding for mental health care.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature placed Prop 2 on the November 2018 ballot to get voter support for addressing a homelessness crisis in California that is straining our neighborhoods, businesses and public services. More than 134,000 Californians are living on the streets and as many as one-third of them are suffering from untreated mental illness. Research shows that providing permanent supportive housing, linked to intensive services, has proven successful at getting homeless people with serious mental illness off the streets, into care, and on the road to long-term recovery.