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Who We Are

We are a broad coalition of doctors, homeless and mental health advocates, public safety officials, and many others committed to helping people suffering from a serious mental illness who are experiencing homelessness. Together, we will pass Prop 2 to build stable housing and provide mental health services without raising taxes.

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Habitat for Humanity
Steinberg Institute
American College of Emergency Physicians
League of Women Voters
Mental Health America California
California Labor Federation
California State Firefighters' Association
California State Sheriffs' Association
Police Cheifs
League of California Cities

Read the Study: LA County Successfully Fights Homelessness with Supportive Housing

A recent RAND study in Los Angeles County proves that supportive housing is an effective solution to our homelessness crisis – keeping Californians experiencing homelessness off the streets and out of emergency rooms, and receiving the mental health services they need, while easing the burden on emergency responders and saving taxpayers millions.

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How Prop 2 Will Help Californians

  • Leverages existing state funds to build supportive housing connected to mental health services and addiction treatment for people living with a serious mental illness who are homeless or at great risk of becoming homeless.
  • Provides intensive coordinated care through the housing program that includes mental health and addiction services, medical treatment, case managers, education and job training.
  • Strengthens partnerships among doctors, law enforcement, mental health and homeless services providers to ensure care provided through the housing program is coordinated and tailored to individual needs.
  • Doesn't raise taxes.

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