One of the best means of removing hard-to-remove mold, mildew, grime, and dirt is pressure washing. It could make a residential or commercial building look as if it is new again. But due to the great water pressure, it could be a hazardous job to do it on your won. As a matter of fact, there were more than 6,000 E.R visits in 2014 because of pressure washers. To know more of the risks you could encounter while doing a DIY pressure washing, here are some of them: 

Causes physical injury 

A lot of people undermine the power of a pressure washer. Although the pressure washer’s water pressure is nearly 50x stronger compared to the usual garden hose. That kind of pressure could result in critical physical injury to hands and feet. Moreover, it is challenging to control the hose due to the extreme pressure, increasing the danger of getting an unattended hose that could result in severe injuries to you or to the people around you. 

Distinct risk of being electrocuted 

Naturally, pressure washers are hazardous equipment due to the combination of electricity and water. A lot of pressure washers have approximately 20-30 ft. of power cable, making this cleaning equipment specifically prone to cord cracking and kinking. Since you’re dealing with water, it’s particularly essential that water doesn’t reach into the cord cracks. Electric fires or electric shock might occur. 

Surface damages 

The power of pressure washing could damage particular surfaces once it’s inappropriately utilized. Washing too close could result in permanent harm to paint, mortar, and wood. Moreover, once the hose is not correctly positioned, it could have damaged wiring, insulation, and underneath siding.  

Shingles and windows 

Older windows cannot endure the pressure that power washing provides. Other shingles, which depends on the material, could be compromised as well once power washed. A professional contractor with experience in terms of power washing can assess a specific part of your commercial building or home and will inform you whether power washing would be a great option for you or not. 

Exposure to chemical 

Usually, power washing involves tidying up chemicals. Once these chemicals reach a puncture wound or cut, they could lead to severe health conditions. And if the chemicals already penetrated into our bloodstream, it could cause bacterial infections or some severe health issues. 

The best and the simplest solution to prevent encountering the risks stated above is to hire a professional power washing contractor who is certified, licensed, and bonded and has experience in terms of what to do in this job. Sure, you can save some money if you do it yourself, however, what you have saved while doing so could be the cost for the expenses of the property damage and personal injuries you might undergo. 

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